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We cook Jiaozi fresh everyday



We bring you “Jiaozi” our selection of unique yet original recipes of oriental dumplings that is simple,fast, and most of all - tastes delicious. We believe it will bring you wealth, luck, and happiness. “Our goal is to ensure you that every single piece of Jiaozi from our wide variety of selections are serve as many people as possible fresh in-house, directly to your dishes everyday.”


Jiaozi is a traditional Chinese food one of the most widely loved foods in northern China In ancient times. Jiaozi, whose shape looks like a horn, was called 'Tiao". It was also called "bianshi" due to its flat shape The name "jiaozi" derives flora the ancient time-counting method in China When the Chinese people eat dumplings stuffed with meat and vegetables at the junction of the end of the old year and the beginning of the New Year, it is right between eleven pm and one am. Since this period is called jiaozi (交子) in Chinese, the dumplings people eat during this time are named after it. Later it became jiaozi (饺子), with a radical added to the left part of the original Chinese character indicating it is a kind of food. As early as the Han dynasty (206 BC-220 AD) eating dumplings became a custom in the capital city of Chang'an now Xi'an inShaanxi Province.

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It is believed that eating dumplings on New Year’s Eve brings good luck and happiness. Furthermore, since the shape of dumplings is similar to that of ancient Chinese gold or silver ingots, they are also believed to bring wealth if you have them that eve. Later, when people got married or gave birth to a child, they usually treated their guests with Chinese dumplings, which gradually become an essential ritual food for special occasions or during holidays in northern China.

Dumpling has always stuck to me as one of my favourite dishes ever since a very young age.In my younger years, everytime our family had a chance to visit China, we would never miss to enjoy a fine dish of dumplings on each and every of our trips.


Coming of age, I took an opportunity to work as an Architect in the city of Beijing, China. When things get tough, a warm serving of dumplings would be my go to dish of comfort and sanctuary. It is then when I realized my passion for the finest dumplings  has begun. To pursue this passion, I went on a journey to learn, collect, and perfect the culinary craft of the finest oriental dumplings from it’s true origin : China.



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